Vicel - Airport Taxi Booking Application

Project Duration: March 2022 - November 2022

Role: Developer


Vicel is an airport taxi booking web application. It's designed to make taxi booking easier and faster.Mockup of the home screen

Tech Stack:

Developed using TypeScript, React, Next.js, and TailwindCSS for front-end, Supabase and tRPC for back-end. Deployed on Vercel with continuous integration via GitHub Actions.


  1. Autocomplete & Geolocation: Helps users fill booking details quickly.
  2. Distance Prediction: Gives real-time trip length estimates.
  3. UX: Clear navigation, simple UI.
  4. Stripe: Secure payment processing.
  5. OAuth & User Details Storage: Simplifies logins and repeat bookings.


  1. Google Places: Powers autocomplete and distance prediction.
  2. Geolocation: Ensures accurate location data.
  3. Stripe: Handles secure payments.
  4. SendGrid: Manages transactional emails.
  5. Axiom: Supports logging functionalities.


Building the Vicel Airport Taxi Booking Application was a tough but rewarding journey.

Performance: Keeping the app fast with many integrated technologies was a key concern. This required optimizing code, managing efficient API calls, and regularly checking for performance issues.

Integration of Technologies: The app needed several technologies to work together, each having its own specific requirements. Merging these into a single, cohesive user experience was a challenge.

Security: The app handles sensitive user information, which made security a top priority. I implemented stringent security measures for user logins and transaction processing.


Serverless Architecture: This project gave a hands-on experience on the pros and cons of serverless computing, from managing cold starts to understanding pricing models.

Integration Challenges: Integrating various technologies was a hurdle, teaching important lessons on troubleshooting and ensuring smooth interaction between different application components.

Performance Tuning: The project served as a practical course on code optimization, managing API efficiency, and performance troubleshooting.

Security Measures: Ensuring secure transactions and responsible user data handling emphasized the need for tight security practices. This experience improved understanding of secure login procedures, encrypted data storage, and secure API interactions.

Despite challenges, this project provided an opportunity for substantial professional growth.

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